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Portable Stylish Steriliser

Now, with this lipstick style design you can disinfect your mask, phone, baby supplies and more. Ultraviolet light has the molecular structure that destroys the DNA and RNA in bacterial viruses, forming growth cell death and regenerative cell death, achieving the result of sterilisation. Touch the switch for 2 seconds to turn it on and short to turn it off. When the battery is low, the green light blinks three times and shuts down. The red light stays on while charging.


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Rechargeable Portable UVC Steriliser Light

This UV steriliser kills 99% bacteria. It does not need long time and can be automatically extinguished.


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Improve your life with the best car organiser ever. The Carganized™ will keep your phone, keys, wallet, coins and drinks in place while you drive. Designed to fit any vehicle, this multifunctional sidekick will keep all your daily essentials and must-haves in place. Keeps the car clean and prevents your items from falling.

Made with premium materials, it's super durable, and luxurious.


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