Juicy Retreats X-1000S Nutri Blender

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The JR Ultra X-1000S Nutri Blender is the new incredible bullet style Nutri Blender from Juicy Retreats. Unlike other personal style Bullet blenders, JR have combined smaller personal blending with incredible power, performance and usability.

Not only is it one of the most powerful Personal Nutri Blenders you can buy, but it also allows for more control with a touch button control panel with 2 different speed settings and pulse function.

With an incredible 1200 Watt motor, the X-1000S Nutri blender is one of the most powerful and most advanced personal benders you can buy, yet still at a price you can afford. With a stainless steel 6 piece blade assembly for more efficient blending, a grinding attachment, BPA free Tritan cups as well as included stay fresh lids, JR are once again setting the standards for others to follow…why would you consider anything else…?

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Gadgets Unboxing | Review

How many excuses have we made before going healthy? No recipes? Inadequate blender? No trust? Well, this Nutri Blender comes with a recipe book, blades that work on wet or dry foods and you know you can trust Rachel…and Gadgets at large, but Rachel in particular.

You can tell she enjoyed filming this, and it’s not just the blending bit. The blending magic happens upside down so that you can then seal the same jug and take it with you when you go. It’s perfect whether you do intend to lead a healthy lifestyle, or fancy a couple of new recipes…

Additional information


1200 Watts


2 Speeds = High/Low

Pulse Function

2 Second Pulse Function

Extractor Blades


Grinder Blades


Large Jug Size

1 Litre

Small Jug Size


Flip Top Lid


Stay Fresh Lid

2 Included